About Us

For The Birds You love.adore.care for.

Who We Are

The store was previously recognised as Crews Hill Pet Shop but we rebranded and this was when the London Bird Shop was created, specifically for the Birds we both love. London Bird Shop is constantly adapting, learning and expanding and we always aim to do our best and keep birds at the heart of everything we do.

Some of you might know about our lovely Bluey, who is our shop manager that we take in store every single day to meet customers – and our regulars know about her incredible dance moves. But we are so happy about all that Bluey, customers and doctors have taught us, which has helped us ensure that our shop  is a one stop shop.

During the pandemic, we realised that, although we were open, we had many customers who were not able to purchase the necessities for their birds due to personal reasons such as the requirement to self-isolate, being high-risk or even being too afraid to go outside whilst COVID cases were high. As a result, over the last year we have been working extremely hard to develop an online website so you do not have to experience any trouble with reaching us.